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C.A.A.M.P. Ogden Club

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CAAMP Ogden Club is a weekly after school program provided to title-1 schools in the Las Vegas and Henderson, NV area. CAAMP Ogden Club has been offered in Jim Thorpe Elementary and currently in Robert Taylor Elementary and West Preparatory Academy. The After School Enrichment Program includes activities such as academic and athletic mentoring, health/wellness workshops, life skills, obesity prevention and anti-bullying.

We provide the youths with literacy programs that work on comprehension and understanding, which, in turn, helps increase their grades. The youths are given books that we provide that we read with them, as well as allow them to read. After each section is read, we provide different forms of comprehension, such as worksheets, quizzes or even games. After the literacy portion, they’re also able to work with professional athletes that teach them different physical activities and skills. We also talk about nutrition, health, wellness and provide them with healthy snacks and drinks at the end of the activities.

Since starting this program three years ago, we’ve been able to help these children increase their grades and comprehension levels. Anywhere from 87% – 100% of the youths involved in the program have shown above average growth in both reading and math.

Mr. Morrow, a fifth grade teacher at Robert Taylor Elementary, has stated, “I have seen dramatic improvement in the comprehension of the assigned text from those students that have attended CAAMP Ogden Club. The review of the text material from CAAMP Ogden Club and discussions has really been apparent when students come back to class to converse about the assigned reading.”

Ms. Carr, another fifth grade teacher at Robert Taylor Elementary, has stated, “CAAMP Ogden Club has brought many new opportunities to the fifth grade students at Robert Taylor. The program, by design, teaches leadership skills, social skills, fitness, and provides nutrition activities and information for healthy eating habits. Above all, a focus on reading and writing activities is provided through the use of a series of chapter books. Since the program has started, the students have increased their own motivation to read. As a result, student achievement in reading continues to rise. I do feel that this program has helped many students become more responsible and take an active role in their learning.”

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