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F.I.T. For A Fighting Chance

  • May 01 , 2013

What is F.I.T. For A Fighting Chance?

Fitness Involved Therapy or simply called FIT is a fitness treatment therapy that uses progressive exercise programs, which is a powerful adjunct to medical treatment. Some supportive measures will be used to assist with the symptoms of anxiety, mood problems, depression, ADHD, anger management, PTSD and focus, using a variety of training techniques.“

F.I.T. For A Fighting Chance” is a year round community athletic, basic life skills, coaching, mentoring and behavioral health program dedicated to promoting healthy lifestyles and teaching basic life skills through working out with professional athletes, participating in workshops, games and other fun learning activities.

We teach boxing as a sport that should only be practiced in a controlled environment with professional trainers. Our instructors provide positive reinforcement and structure, they emphasize on the difference between fighting aggressively and acquiring a new athletic skill that can be applied in a positive and fun manner, which makes the program particularly helpful for individuals with aggressive behavior and anger management concerns.

In collaboration with its community partners and UFC Gym Anthem, “A Fighting Chance” will offer its participants an opportunity to acquire invaluable living skills through our workshops such as:

  •  Nutrition education
  •  Socialization
  •  Improving problem solving skills
  •  Exercising time management and organizational skills
  •  Impulse control
  •  Focus
  •  Sound judgment

The program is open to all Las Vegas and Henderson children and their families. Come join us for a fun workout, friendly workshop, and a healthy snack (when applicable).  Call to find out if you qualify to participate in “A Fighting Chance” for free through your Insurance or a sponsorship, (702) 617-4763 ext 101.

What is the goal of F.I.T. For A Fighting Chance?

The main goal of FIT is to integrate fitness and therapy together as the means of providing preventative care. FIT offers one on one coaching and personalized programs for each client at a state-of-the-art facility. We are dedicated to treating each patient as a whole, with an emphasis on physical and overall wellness, and strive to maintain a supportive, caring and fun environment.

Talk to your doctor about the possibility of including fitness-involved therapy for any future health issues such as diabetes and high blood pressure/cholesterol. Not only can it keep you healthy and mobile, it can save you from having surgeries and purchasing medications in the future.

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